$ 10 for Firefox Premium Support for Enterprise

$ 10 for Firefox Premium Support for Enterprise

The Mozilla Foundation has confirmed that the browser also Firefox will have its own paid version distributed through the project Firefox Premium Support for Enterprise, it is essentially a release specifically designed for companies that will provide some additional features compared to the standard release destined to remain free.

The advantages dedicated to the subscribers will be numerous, starting from the possibility of receiving assistance in a short and definite time, then a website specifically dedicated to the Premium user will be available, a platform will be available for the direct reporting of bugs and the resolution will be guaranteed immediate security problems.

This particular type of user will also be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of Firefox by indicating from time to time which features should take precedence over the others. Mozilla also speaks of a system for receiving notifications of critical events, but with regard to this aspect no further details would have been provided.

Firefox Premium Support for Enterprise will cost $ 10 for a single installation, unlike what reported rumors circulated in the past Mozilla would have decided not to opt for a monthly subscription. However, it must be emphasized that the figure indicated should be read as a starting price that is destined to increase depending on the performance requested.

Currently most of the revenues from Firefox are generated through a partnership with Google which is the browser's default search engine, the foundation has already experimented with new forms of monetization such as the display of news without advertising and a VPN service (Virtual Private Network).

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