28-day billing: appeals rejected

28-day billing: appeals rejected

The State Council rejected the appeals presented by the providers Vodafone, Fastweb and Wind Tre against the resolution of theAGCOM (Authority for Communications Guarantees) with which operators had been obliged to reimburse their users for the so-called "28-day billing"At this point, the Authority's decision would have been confirmed by sentence.

The "28-day billing" abandoned the previous model calculated on a monthly basis as the 4-week time intervals replaced those of 30 days, effectively introducing a thirteenth month. The result was a greater burden on consumers' pockets and less readability of invoices issued.

This being the case, the 3 companies mentioned should proceed shortly with the payment of reimbursements, differently with regards to the TIM, whose appeal would still be awaiting a response from the Council. In any case, this too should be resolved in the short term, probably not later than the next 2 weeks.

The billing period subject to reimbursement should be between June 2017 and April 2018. It is important to note that those who have accepted alternative reimbursements, such as additional services or bonuses, will not receive further remuneration at following the sentence. This regardless of the reference provider.

The "28-day billing" model had quickly become a national case, shortly after its introduction by telecommunications operators it had in fact created some episodes of emulation (for example among the premium content broadcasters) that were likely to generate even heavy burdens for users' pockets.

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