5G and Italian GDP growth forecasts

5G and Italian GDP growth forecasts

EY has carried out a study on behalf of Huawei in which it is expected that by 2020 there will be a coverage of the 5G signal for at least 30% of the population of the Peninsula, this result should progressively improve in the near future, passing to a percentage equal to 85 points (12 million citizens) in 2023, without counting the connections linked to IoT devices.

The first initiatives in favor of migration to the new protocol for data exchange are already in place and by the current year 5G should be available in around fifty Italian industrial districts, 30 among the most famous tourist destinations, 9 cities of large as well as 28 locations in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan.

But what will be the effects of this small revolution for our GDP (Gross Domestic Product)? According to the researched, 5G and its related businesses will lead to an increase in GDP of 0.3% per year over the fifteen years starting from 2020. From 5 to 6 billion euros per year for a total that in the best hypothesis should touch 80 billion by 2035.

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