ACCESS Act of 2019: data must be released

ACCESS Act of 2019: data must be released

THE'ACCESS (Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching) Act of 2019 is a bill passed in the US by both Republicans and Democrats. Its goal is to return the data to those who are considered their legitimate owners, the users who made them available to the platforms.

The initiative is linked above all to a particular aspect of the activities that take place daily online, the management of accounts. If theACCESS Act of 2019 should it come into force, an account holder should have the possibility to transfer it easily and completely to another service, without the risk of losing the data provided.

A concrete example is that concerning the increasingly widespread attendance of social network: the user registers, establishes contacts and begins to share information, with the passage of time the accumulation of the latter could however represent a disincentive to leave the platform and move to another.

In the United States the possibility of migrating one's data from one service to another is linked to the so-called principle of take out, to respect it theACCESS Act of 2019 requires that social network managers provide themselves with special ones API (Application Programming Interface) with which the various systems used for managing the archives can interact with each other.

According to the promoters of the bill still awaiting the vote, the "release" of the data and their return to users should determine a stimulus for competition, the social networking market is in fact held by a few large subjects that every day manage by only the information made available by billions of users.

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