Adobe stops operations in Venezuela

Adobe stops operations in Venezuela

The Venezuela it is a country that is going through a very difficult time from the political and economic point of view, to the numerous social hardships already suffered by the local population if they would then add others due to the lack of trust on the part of governments and foreign entrepreneurs with respect to the solvency of this South American nation.

It is news of a few hours ago that Adobe it was seen forced to block everyone in its services in Venezuela, the decision would also concern those who signed a subscription by paying it regularly. However, this would not be an initiative wanted by the company management, but rather the obligation to respect a directive coming from Washington.

The executive order 13884 dated 5 August 2019 prohibits US companies from undertaking or continuing commercial relations with private Venezuelan citizens. The San Jose group would have already confirmed the reasons for the blockade by referring to this measure and explaining that they could not behave differently without breaking the law.

At this point many people wonder when subscribers will be able to return to take advantage of what they paid for (in particular software and multimedia content), but for the moment it is extremely difficult to make predictions by virtue of a situation of instability that sees Caracas well far from having a government that is recognized by all the citizens of the country.

Among the bad news there would also be that concerning the fact that no refund would have been provided, even in this case the fault could not be blamed on Adobe as the directive prohibits any kind of monetary transaction between companies and individuals. However, there will be time until October 28 to back up all data stored on the company's servers.

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