Advertising: too many impressions damage brands

Advertising: too many impressions damage brands

According to a survey carried out by the researchers of Sublime, one of the most important advertising marketplaces in the world, the excessive exposure of a user to an advertising campaign would end up damaging the so-called Brand Recall. In essence, the value of this parameter would register a decline with the increase in impressions.

The Brand Recall allows to measure the reputation of a brand with the target audience, that is the consumers really interested in the products and services of the company associated with it. In essence, the Brand Recall allows you to understand how a group is able to remember a particular brand when it needs to satisfy a specific need.

The Brand Recall is considered the determining element of the Brand Awareness, that is, remembering a brand without the need for any stimulus, and should not be confused with the Brand Recognition which instead allows the recognition of a trademark to be calculated following a verbal or visual stimulus. From the point of view of Awareness, Recognition is considered less effective than Recall.

Also according to the study by Sublime, a lower exposure to advertising would lead to an increase in Brand Awareness of 6%, in this case the viewing limit would be set at no more than 3, a higher exposure would in fact result in a 3% drop in the rate of spontaneous recognition of the brand.

As for the campaign recall, that is the metric used to define the notoriety of an advertising campaign, it would record its best performances during the initial exposure, subsequently it would suffer a constant decrease so that exceeded the 10 views it would reach at most 6 percentage points.

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