AGCOM investigates the dominant positions in online advertising

AGCOM investigates the dominant positions in online advertising

THE'AGCOM (Communications Guarantee Authority) intends to understand if companies in the current online advertising market are able to exploit their own dominant position, the suspicion is that an oligopoly has been formed under the control of some big names that would in fact prevent other subjects from operating effectively in the same sector.

Under the magnifying glass of the authority, the likes of Google, to date in fact the only Mountain View would be able to generate half of the revenues deriving from advertising on the Net. Although this is a significant slice of the market, this last information would not seem sufficient to formulate an accusation.

The AGCOM will therefore have to conduct an investigation (which in all likelihood will not only concern Big G) which by law cannot last more than 180 days, it is in any case foreseen the possibility of an extension up to a further 90 days which can only be approved later to a justified act such as the need to acquire new data.

The interests at stake in the advertising market in some cases concern the survival of entire sectors, think for example of online publishing which has very few other monetization solutions. Few big information realities can focus on paywalls and subscriptions, but those that are less structured must focus almost exclusively on advertising.

The Communications Authority has initiated the investigation procedure pursuant to art. 43, paragraph 2, of the legislative decree 31 July 2005, n. 177. This activity will not only involve companies that may have abused their dominant position, but also those that in general may have limited pluralism in the online advertising industry.

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