AI: + 13% on Italian GDP by 2030

AI: + 13% on Italian GDP by 2030

According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, the economic research institute of McKinsey & Company, by 2030 the Italian GDP (Gross Domestic Product) should grow by 13% thanks to technologies for theArtificial intelligence. In absolute terms, the contribution of the IA to the national economy should amount to 228 billion euros.

The same advantages should be evident also at European level, with a growth of continental GDP within the next decade equal to 19% for about 2,700 billion euros. The Italian market could be favored in particular by a greater diffusion of startups and a sufficiently structured industrial system.

Considering the world of work, in the period considered as much as 40% of working hours should be concentrated in activities that require technological skills advanced, considering instead the basic technological competences the percentage could rise up to 65 points. Training and updating will therefore have a central role in the business environment.

To his advantage, Europe can count on well 5.7 million software programmers (against 4.4 in the United States) thanks to a growth of between 4 and 5% over the last two years, at the same time the Old Continent can boast a greater number of researchers than those who have available to the USA and China

So far so good, the problem lies in the fact that currently the labor market, and in particular the sectors that are more legal than digital, is a global market. This means that Europe, and above all Italy, must be able to retain its best minds by preventing them from finding more favorable conditions in competing economies.

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