Amazon: does profit influence ranking?

Amazon: does profit influence ranking?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's algorithm that manages the display of suggested products would have been modified to maximize profits from sales. This is contrary to what happened in the past, when the main difference was the users' shopping experience.

The accusation would be even more serious since, in the opinion of the New York newspaper, the group led by Jeff Bezos would have implemented the algorithm with the aim of privileging the items marketed directly by the platform. This would have caused damage to the thousands of merchants that operate daily on Amazon.

Also according to the World Street Journal, this new strategy would have been the subject of heated discussions even at the Seattle company, where some executives would have declared themselves opposed to a system completely focused on the logic of profit. It should be remembered that one of the keys to Amazon's success was its care for UX.

Responding to the statements of journalists, the leaders of the group would not have denied the importance of profit in business decisions, but the latter would not be used as a parameter for defining the ranking and suggestions regarding the products would be provided (automatically) based on specific criteria such as the feedback received.

At this time Amazon would be facing several accusations coming from both the US and European antitrust authorities, an EU investigation would then be underway on the methods chosen by the company to process the information given by users when purchases are made on partner store.

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