Amazon: payments from current account

Amazon: payments from current account

The Italian division of Amazon today offers a new way to pay for orders, support for the use of the company has been introduced bank account which is added to that traditionally based on the use of credit cards. The procedure envisaged is that of thedirect debit, similar to the RID but made one-off per transaction.

To take advantage of this feature, the user will only need to log in to his Amazon account and open the "Payment Options" section, once you have selected the "Add a current account" item you can enter the few data necessary to complete the operation: BIC (Swift code), IBAN and name of the holder.

It should be stressed that for the moment not all products in the Seattle catalog support this payment method, it is likely that in the near future their number is destined to expand but much will also depend on the success that the initiative will have with consumers . Few companies like Amazon can guarantee such reliability as to require data as sensitive as a bank account.

As for the charge, the company headed by Jeff Bezos specified that no amount will be withdrawn from the customer's account until the ordered goods are shipped. As with credit cards, bank account data can also be removed at any time.

This initiative aims to simplify the life (and consumption habits) of those who would like to make purchases on Amazon but do not have a credit card or a prepaid card, the latter in fact would be more numerous than one might believe and often escape to the "radar" of those who manage e-commerce platforms.

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