Amazon Transparency against counterfeiting

Amazon Transparency against counterfeiting

Transparency, the service of Amazon dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting, it also arrives in Italy as well as in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, India and Canada. The operation of the platform is particularly simple and is substantially based on the possibility of tracking the product from the production phase to the distribution phase.

Joining the service is voluntary, by opting for it a brand has the possibility to apply a unique code to a product, this code will therefore be available in all the steps foreseen by the sales chain. You will then have a guarantee of authenticity as well as a term of comparison to be used for comparing the various offers.

Since its launch in the US market, Transparency has been a great success, witnessed by the registration of over 4,000 US companies, a number that would grow by hundreds of units month after month. Until now the service, which led to the generation of 300 million codes, would have allowed to block more than 250 thousand counterfeit products.

The goal of the platform is to prevent non-original products from being sent to consumers, a simple scanning procedure is performed to achieve this result. In the absence of the code the goods are simply blocked and the seller could be excluded from the possibility of exploiting Amazon as a distribution channel.

Although the group led by Jeff Bezos carries out a continuous monitoring activity to combat counterfeiting. Despite this, the "tarot" market also tries to proliferate through the Seattle channel, finding a bank especially in those users who base their purchasing decisions on the convenience of the price.

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