Amazon: you will pay with your hands

Amazon: you will pay with your hands

In the future the items purchased on Amazon they will pay with their hands, at least in the intentions of the Seattle developers. The group led by Jeff Bezos would in fact be studying a new method for perfecting orders that will replace the current ones based on password authentication and the use of credit cards.

According to currently available news, this new feature would be currently being implemented within the so-called "Orville project". It is important to underline that in this case the biometric reading should not concern only the fingerprints, but the whole limb that would be scanned three-dimensionally.

In the opinion of the promoters of the initiative such a system should allow a user to complete payments in a time not exceeding half a second, not to mention that the "reading of a hand" (including bone conformation and vein arrangement) should provide a level of security that is not yet achieved.

One of the fundamental steps to simplify the diffusion of a mechanism of this type will surely be to identify the contexts in which it can be used, to date the field of online purchases would not seem interested but there could be an involvement of physical stores on which Amazon would seem to want to bet more and more in the future.

For the moment Amazon would not have provided any confirmation in this regard, but the attempt to free users from authentication systems that require the storage of keywords or the transport of devices of various kinds sees today engaged several Big Companies ready to bet on the advantages of biometric authentication.

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