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Antitrust: an investigation on Amazon

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, would have announced the start of an investigation against Amazon by the EU Antitrust Authority. To motivate this initiative would be the will to understand if the e-commerce giant has undertaken anti-competitive activities able to cancel the benefits of online purchases for consumers.

The assumption of the announcement does not seem to want to lead to an accusation, because in it the advantages of shopping on the Net are emphasized for the opportunities of choice available to users, but later on reference is made to the need to assess whether the use by Amazon's part of sensitive data from independent retailers selling on its market is carried out in violation of the competition rules.

In essence, according to Vestager it cannot be ignored that on the one hand Amazon provides its platform to traders, while on the other it is in fact one of their competitors. It is perhaps only a coincidence that the Commission has come forward in conjunction with yet another Prime Day, also because the first signs of a possible investigation date back to last year.

Among the objectives of the investigation there would be the so-called "Buy Box", components through which are highlighted certain products that can be purchased immediately. The" Buy Box "are extremely sought after by merchants, but which criterion and which data are used by Amazon for their population?

The suspicion is that the Seattle multinational has abused its own dominant position in the e-commerce market, also taking advantage of the loyalty relationship now consolidated with users. If the Antitrust should demonstrate the existence of similar behavior the result could be a very high penalty.

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