Apple: $ 1 billion for Intel modems

Apple: $ 1 billion for Intel modems

Last June, the House of Cupertino and the semiconductor giant Qualcomm have reached an agreement by which Apple could resume receiving the chipmaker's hardware supplies. But Tim Cook and associates have never made any secret of considering the licensing fees imposed by San Diego's trading partner too high.

The Bitten Apple would then start looking for cheaper alternatives, finding an opportunity in the news that Intel would be completely uninterested in developing hardware components to support connections in 5G. So why not buy the modem division of the latter by getting rid of the dependency on Qualcomm?

In this regard, rumors from Wall Street would confirm that Apple would offer $ 1 billion to close the deal. The rumors speak of an agreement one step away from the handshake that could be finalized in the next few weeks, but no confirmation would be available from the companies involved.

The investment should not have an immediate effect, it is in fact very likely that the next iPhone models will continue to mount components produced by the aforementioned Qualcomm and by the Samsung. Making the Intel know-how its own would in any case provide Apple with enormous bargaining power even before it could develop its own chipsets.

The group of Tim Cook would not currently be the only one interested in acquiring control of Intel's modem division, but the executives of the latter would have made it clear several times that they were in favor of its passage to Apple, above all because the entry in it it would not determine an advantage for the historical competitors of Santa Clara.

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