Apple: the quarterly report confirms the turn towards services

Apple: the quarterly report confirms the turn towards services

Change or succumb (slowly, but inevitably), this is probably Tim Cook's motto that has decided to change the core business of Apple differentiating. Enough therefore with the heavy dependence on the sales of the iPhone, wide instead of the offer connected to the services, the last quarterly of cash would seem to indicate how this is the right way to go.

As for the sale of devices, in the period considered the number of distributed iPhone would have dropped by as much as 10 percentage points, while at the same time sales of Mac computers would also have decreased with a 4% drop. Improve the performance of the iPads, the Cupertino tablets, thanks to a 17% growth on an annual basis.

Returning to the services of Morsicata Apple, their turnover would have increased by 16% compared to the same period in 2018. A comforting news that goes to join the one that records a 45% increase in the marketing of wearable devices. In percentage terms the division "Wearables, Home and Accessories"would have been the one capable of generating the best results.

Unlike other companies like Microsoft, Apple has not focused its services on enterprise offerings. On the other hand, the proposals for the consumer segment such as Apple Music, the news aggregator News + and Arcade for gaming, are the leaders. The credit card that the group has created in collaboration with the Goldman Sachs investment bank should not be forgotten.

In large part, and in particular with regards to the credit card, we are talking about functions still closely linked to iDevices. The concept of the TV + videostreaming service, which although with some limitations can be used with devices different from those of Apple, shows that these constraints could be loosened in the near future.

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