AWS: elections are a business

AWS: elections are a business

To date, more than 40 US states will be using the services offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) for operations related to political elections, Jeff Bezos and partners have therefore succeeded in expanding their business into a sector where data is of fundamental importance and technologies Cloud based find ample opportunities for application.

Of course we are not talking about the procedures concerning the right to vote by citizens, which even in the United States is not exercised electronically, but of the turnover created by a network that goes from informational websites for voters to collection platforms funds, voter registration services, candidates' Internet pages and analysis of results.

To what has already been listed we add support for marketing campaigns carried out through newsletters, automated verification of compliance with regulations for the protection of privacy, storage and processing of data collected during electoral appointments and all technologies for assistance to the citizens involved.

A final aspect not to be underestimated is that of the safety computing, a necessity that the Seattle group would be able to satisfy at particularly advantageous market prices thanks to the scalability of the Cloud. However, the critical voices of analysts convinced that decentralization would do nothing but multiply the occasional breach by malicious users.

An element in favor of Amazon is then the demonstrated neutrality, so it is no coincidence that AWS is a supplier of both the Democratic Party and the Republicans and among the Presidents who have used this platform for fundraising we remember the 2 times elected Barack Obama. Relationships with the current Pennsylvania Avenue tenant are less relaxed. Donald Trump, Bezos is in fact the owner of Washington Post, newspaper certainly not aligned with the current Washington administration.

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