AWS QLDB: Amazon's database for the Blockchain

AWS QLDB: Amazon's database for the Blockchain

AWS QLDB (Amazon Web Services Quantum Ledger Database) is a database created specifically by Seattle developers to work with applications and services based on Blockchain. The requests of various AWS users who have long been invoking a tool that would allow them to conveniently archive transactions produced by DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

If the Blockchain can be defined (perhaps with an excessive simplification) as a "ledger", AWS QLDB was born to supply an archive of ledgers. In this regard the developers of the group of Jeff Bezos wanted to be very clear, emphasizing that the overall integrity of the recorded transitions will always be certifiable.

AWS QLDB will be a fully managed, accessible, verifiable and transparent database. Security will be guaranteed by the immutability of the recorded information and the use of cryptographic algorithms. Changes to the data will be duly recorded, they will be monitored by a central authority and can be consulted using a timeline.

The service infrastructure is serverless, which is why users will not need to configure any architecture to become operational. The available resources will be disbursed on the basis of the current workload and the rates will depend solely on their consumption in a perspective DBaaS (Database as a service) proper of Cloud Computing.

To interact with AWS QLDB you can use the query language PartiQL, it has the advantage of supporting the same SQL access methods to related, semi-structured and nested data while remaining independent of the reference data source. Ledgers and tables can be created via AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface or through calls to QLDB API.

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