Big Company and monopolies: a US Congress survey

Big Company and monopolies: a US Congress survey

On July 16th some big high tech companies including Google, Facebook, Apple is Amazon must present themselves in front of the Congress Commission US for a hearing. The details of the appointment are few, but it is likely that it concerns the investigation of the market monopolies that the US institutions would be conducting these days.

The positions on the topic would currently be bipartisan, both Republicans and Democrats would have expressed concern about the fact that few large companies can exploit their ability to access the latest technologies to control their reference sector and limit their range of action of competition.

It is important to clarify that the result of the hearing may not necessarily be a sentence or a sanction to the detriment of the Big Company, assuming that they are granted the abuse of a dominant position, the Commission could simply use this opportunity to define useful addresses to the approval of future regulations as to the updating of current ones.

In any case, today's climate would not seem to be particularly favorable to the companies involved, especially given the fact that several candidates in the upcoming presidential elections (including the current White House tenant Donald Trump) would have expressed their intention to counter the existence of any monopolies.

In this regard the most seasoned would seem to be the candidates of the Democratic Party, some of whom would have stressed the need for break up large companies so that their power is no longer concentrated in a few hands. Several voices favorable to this option would also have come recently from members of the European institutions.

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