Big Data: the guidelines of AGCM, AGCOM and Privacy Guarantor

Big Data: the guidelines of AGCM, AGCOM and Privacy Guarantor

AGCM (Competition and Market Authority), AGCOM (Authority for Communications Guarantees) e Privacy Guarantor have made available a document containing the guidelines dedicated to Big Data, the vast amount of information made available every day by the Web, the IoT, the sensors and various types of devices.

The specifications now defined by the three authorities involved arrive after a 2-year activity started in May 2017 through a survey that aimed to identify the dynamics underlying the acquisition and processing of Big Data by companies and others organizations. Market protection, consumer protection and respect for privacy are the objectives of the document.

Before the completion of the survey, as many as 40 auditions took place, moments of encounter and confrontation during which various companies interested in the sector participated, such as for example publishing exponents, telecommunications companies, representatives of the university world, financial operators, engineers and IT.

The checks carried out led to the identification of 11 points that start from the need for institutional initiatives to regulate the sector. International cooperation is then promoted for the drafting of common policies, data portability, transparency in the management of public data and the removal of asymmetries between operators and users as well as between Big Company and small operators.

The guidelines also emphasize the need to identify the nature of data, including anonymized data, the importance of tools for the promotion of online pluralism, the need to protect the well-being of consumers and the urgent need to avoid concentration of powers in a few hands. Finally, there are also references to the strengthening of control bodies and their permanent coordination.

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