Bing and Edge: the new Microsoft Web

Bing and Edge: the new Microsoft Web

After the phase that had seen the Redmond House face the mobile revolution with difficulty, Satya Nadella and partners are now trying to remedy two other mistakes of the past: having lost the dominance of the browser market to the advantage of Chrome and never being able to propose a competitive alternative to Google in the online search industry.

During the conference Ignite 2019 the new logo was then presented Edge, a moment of symbolic value as it testifies to the definitive passage of the application to the codebase of Chromium and the abandonment of the last links with Internet Explorer. The release of the new Edge evolution is available for both Windows and MacOS, but there is already talk of a variant for Linux distributions.

If everything goes as planned by the developers of the company, the final version should be downloadable by January 15 next year, with locations in 90 different languages ​​including Italian. Among the advantages of this release there should also be compatibility with extensions dedicated to Chrome, the browser with which it shares the same rendering engine.

As for research, Redmond now presents a Bing much more oriented to business contexts, to prove it there is first of all the integration with the functionalities of Microsoft Search. The latter will make it possible to formulate questions even against the data produced internally by the companies, using methods similar to those of online research.

Still with regards to the features dedicated to productivity, the group took advantage of the Orlando event to launch a preview of the new Office application for Android or iOS. Thanks to it you can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint through a single package, while using tools dedicated to the creation, sharing and signing of documents.

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