Bitdefender: in Italy little attention is paid to cybersecurity

Bitdefender: in Italy little attention is paid to cybersecurity

Researchers Bitdefender they conducted a survey dedicated to the perception of safety in the company that involved the employees of about 6 thousand economic activities concentrated in 8 different countries including Italy. However, the picture relating to the Peninsula would appear to be somewhat disheartening as it is characterized by a lack of attention to the issues related to the Cybersecurity.

With regard to our country, one of the most widespread complaints concerns the inability of top management to focus on safety aspects. However, it should be emphasized that from this point of view, our local situation would seem better than that of the other markets included in the sample, with 49% of reports against a global average of 57%.

To determine the marginality of Cybersecurity in the company would be in particular i budget limits, only 24% of Italian workers would consider the appropriations for computer security to be sufficient, while in only 47% of cases (against an average of 57%) would resources actually be made available for the protection of IT infrastructures.

If on the whole only 30% of the interviewees would have emphasized the absence of a SOC (Security Operation Center) in the company organization chart, this figure would grow in Italy up to 42 percentage points. The result would be processes of reaction that are often very slow to computer breaches and a multiplication of attack damage.

Still in our country there would have been a general lack of competent personnel, a critical aspect cited by a third of the sample, and to the lack of technological tools suited to the infrastructure to be protected (38%). For more than 60% of the sample the repetition of an episode like the one linked to the spread of ransomware WannaCry may not be arguable with the solutions currently available.

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