Boost with Facebook supports Italian companies

Boost with Facebook supports Italian companies

The project Boost with Facebook is born from a collaboration between EDI Confcommercio and Menlo Park and aims to support small and medium-sized Italian companies on a path to digitalization aimed at growth. The initiative was articulated in free seminars during which to learn how to use Mark Zuckerberg's tools and business partners.

Boost with Facebook it was organized as a roadshow that will have the Capital as a first stop thanks to an appointment at the spaces provided by Railway F of the Termini station, so we will talk about Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and the functionalities provided by these platforms to promote a company and encourage export activities abroad.

Online marketing strategies will therefore be at the center of the training offered, starting from the experience of tens of millions of companies that use the Menlo Park network every day to take their first steps, communicate with their customers, market products and services, hire new staff and extend your business.

To date over 90 million small and medium-sized businesses using Facebook have been registered, while over 190 million people living outside the Peninsula would already be connected to Italian companies active on the In Blue website. Then there would be as many as 7 million advertisers, mainly SMEs, who make investments with Facebook on a monthly basis.

The project will also involve Bari and Padua trying to contact different realities that could acquire a series of competitive advantages from the digital transformation and from the strength of the "Made in Italy" brand, the seminar program will be based mainly on two topics: training on online advertising and the tool "Job offers"of Facebook.

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