Chrome 77: sharing links between devices

Chrome 77: sharing links between devices

The Mountain View developers have made it available Chrome 77, new browser version that in addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements to performance and security, also introduces a new feature specifically dedicated to productivity: the ability to share links between different devices.

As you can easily imagine, to take advantage of this feature, the devices to which the links are sent must necessarily have Chrome installed. If, for example, you are browsing through the application's Desktop version, the page link currently open can be sent to another device using an icon entitled "Send this page"present in the address bar.

On a practical level it is a particularly convenient procedure for those who do not wish to carry out the same operation through third-party applications, generally in fact it is carried out by copying the desired link and sending it via instant messaging solutions such as Whatsapp or by e-mail.

All devices in which Chrome can be installed are supported, including smartphones, tablets and of course Desktop computers. The browser of Google it is then compatible with all operating systems more or less used (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux) and this guarantees that it can operate on multiple platforms obtaining the same result.

The possibility of sharing links between devices also allows Big G to keep users' work sessions always on Chrome, therefore it represents an additional opportunity to retain users (and eventually increase the number of users) of what is currently the most used browser at World for Internet browsing.

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