Chrome 80 with Heavy Ad Intervention

Chrome 80 with Heavy Ad Intervention

Heavy Ad Intervention is a technology developed by Google which will allow the browser Chrome to block particularly "heavy" advertisements in terms of resources as well as cryptominer, ie those applications (generally malicious) that extract cryprovaluta by exploiting the hardware of the host system.

This functionality should be officially introduced starting from version 80, the intention is to block the path to any element that could negatively affect the user experience. Pop-up windows designed to launch videos above the central contents as well as particularly intrusive banners will also be blocked.

The same goes for the aforementioned cryptominer, in fact they are solutions that in most cases act without the users' knowledge, depriving their terminals of resources that could otherwise be used for browsing the Internet and displaying contents particularly challenging as streaming broadcasts.

Heavy Ad Intervention is a further evolution of the features for thead-blocking that Mountain View is integrating in its Web browser, the advertising that does not comply with the letter of the Big G policies finds so less and less space, with effects that in the future could further facilitate the dominant role that the company has carved out in this sector.

Currently the Heavy Ad Intervention is accessible via the channel Canary of Chrome, to activate it you will first have to type the directive "chrome: // flags"in the URL bar. This will open the section"Experiments"where this feature is also listed, which can also be enabled as a default option.

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