Chrome exiles the extensions that users are spying on

Chrome exiles the extensions that users are spying on

The recent update of the "Privacy Policy & Secure Handling Requirements"requires developers to create extensions for Google Chrome not to steal any kind of data from its users without having received the necessary authorization. Who does not respect this rule will see their project excluded from the Chrome Web Store.

The developers will have time to adapt their add-ons to the new directives until 15 October 2019. Compliance checks will be carried out in a widespread manner thanks to Project Strobe, a parsing system based largely on machine learning which has proved particularly severe with respect to privacy violations.

Basically it will not be possible to implement features that can access geolocation data, browsing history, webcams and user microphones without the latter allowing it. Furthermore, these features must be indispensable for the provision of the service that you want to provide through an extension.

The confirmation of the new Chrome course comes at a particularly delicate time for the browser add-on market, in this regard it would be enough to cite the leak called DataSpii through which the data of as many as 4 million users would have been stolen by exploiting precisely some extensions that can be installed on Firefox and on the same Mountain View browser.

In the last few days Big G has given a lot to do to the coders who make add-ons for Chrome, in fact a few weeks ago the developer policy that prevents the use of the Web Request API (in favor of the Declarative Net Request API) for the realization of ad-blocker, solutions that block the display of the most intrusive published ads.

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