Chrome: investigation of DNS over TLS

Chrome: investigation of DNS over TLS

The Justice Department and the Judiciary Commission of the United States Congress are conducting an investigation into protocol support DNS over TLS recently implemented in Google Chrome. This functionality may in fact prevent companies not belonging to the Mountain View network from having access to the information made available by users.

The DNS over TLS protocol (or more simply DoT) is a security solution for browsing that is based on encryption and isolation of DNS queries, as well as the related responses, via TLS. The goal is to prevent type attacks man-in-the-middle with which an attacker could alter communications or steal data.

In essence, if on the one hand DNS over TLS could effectively guarantee the level of privacy it promises, on the other it could create a situation in which only Big G would have the necessary tools to process the information provided by users. However, this could result in damage to the competition.

It should be emphasized that the American authorities have decided to act well in advance on the release of support for DNS over TLS in the Google browser, the general availability phase is in fact still quite far away in time and is awaiting the launch of the first trial which does not should involve more than one out of 100 installations.

Chrome will not be the only application to offer this feature for privacy, even the developers of the Foundation Mozilla they would in fact be at work for its integration into Firefox. In the case of the Red Panda, doubts have already been expressed, but its managers would have ensured that no provider will be excluded from access to the data.

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