Chrome: new payment method management

Chrome: new payment method management

Web browser developers Chrome have implemented a new system for managing payment methods that will allow users to make purchases online using only their own accounts Google. No more synchronization procedures will be required and the same information will no longer need to be entered for each order.

The advantage for consumers is clear: once the credit card numbers are associated with an account, they will be available through any device, whether Desktop, notebook or mobile, where Chrome is installed and logged in. As previously accessed, the system can handle more than one credit card.

The user can select the payment method to be used for the current purchase and this will be automatically available, the only step required to complete a transaction will be to enter the CVC security code in order to confirm it. Benefits will also be given to them e-commerce that with the speeding up of operations they should record a lower abandonment of shopping carts.

To manage payment methods, and possibly add a new credit card, simply access your account settings and go to the "Payment Methods" section in "Payments and Subscriptions". After inserting an additional card you will receive an email summary of the data entered.

As specified by Mountain View, the integration of this new feature will not lead to the abandonment of the features for synchronization via browser. However, it seems quite clear that the company wants to move the services that can be used via Chrome from local to remote more and more decisively, relying on its own Data Centers to manage user information.

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