Cisco: 700 scholarships for Cybersecurity experts

Cisco: 700 scholarships for Cybersecurity experts

The sector of Cybersecurity it is as important as it is stingy with talent. Finding competent IT security personnel is not easy, so it's no surprise that a company like that Cisco has decided to invest in training deciding to make available as many as 700 scholarships to which young Italians aged between 18 and 35 can access.

The initiative is developed within the project "Digitaliani", launched by the same company as San Jose, whose goal is to stimulate the process of Digital Transformation of the country. The scholarships will allow free participation in courses, Webinars, events dedicated to Cybersecurity and educational workshops.

Considering that globally there would be at least 2 million job offers related to information security that are struggling to be met, it is possible to imagine how much the opportunity offered by Cisco could represent the first step to undertake a brilliant career both as employees of important companies that as external consultants.

Cybersecurity Scholarship Italy, this is the name of the initiative, it will allow you to propose your candidacy by September 24, 2019. To do this you can consult the dedicated section of the Cisco Digital School platform (part of Cisco Networking Academy) where the details of the entire training course have been published.

In addition to the aforementioned age limits, the requirements for participation require that the candidate is resident in Italy, has a high school education or university, is unemployed or has been employed for less than 2 years, with a knowledge of English of minimum level B2, is available to travel to follow the final laboratories and has attended the introductory course.

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