Count 2: Golden Power on 5G

Count 2: Golden Power on 5G

One of the first initiatives of the new government chaired by Giuseppe Conte was the application of the so-called Golden Power on decisions concerning infrastructures for the latest generation mobile networks. We basically talk about the networks for connections in 5G that have already seen the main Italian providers participate in the auction for the allocation of frequencies.

The concept of Golden Power can be summarized in the possibility for the Government to exercise decision-making power not only on the strategies of privatized companies, which generally have a shareholding on the part of the State, but also on totally private ones such as the connectivity providers operating on national soil.

In this case the Golden Power would have entered into force following an initiative by the new owner of the MiSE (Ministry for Economic Development) Stefano Patuanelli. In the specific case, 5 specifications would have been identified which concern as many companies involved in the diffusion of 5G networks in Italy and in the provision of related services.

In practice, the Government will be able to act using special powers with respect to contracts, agreements, provisions, conditions, purchase of goods and maintenance operations carried out by the companies Linkem, Wind 3, Tim, Fastweb is Vodafone. All the initiatives of the latter in terms of 5G connectivity will therefore be passed to the government scrutiny.

The fact that the Golden Power has been applied with what appears to have been an emergency measure would seem to suggest that the new Government intends not to miss the appointment with the revolution that will be determined by ultra-fast connections on the data network, it is hoped however, the exercise of special powers does not lead to excessive bureaucratization of business dynamics.

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