CYBERSCUDO, a certification to combat cyberbullying

CYBERSCUDO, a certification to combat cyberbullying

AICA (Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation) e Carolina Onlus Foundation launch a new certification call CYBERSCUDO and aimed at providing the tools with which to identify, prevent and combat the phenomena related to cyberbullying. The idea is therefore to use training as a means to counter one of the most widespread problems on the Internet.

The certification will attest to the acquisition of specific skills not only with regards to the social implications of cyberbullying, but also with regard to the legal aspects connected to it. To achieve it, it will be necessary to pass a 45-minute test consisting of 36 multiple choice theoretical questions.

The correction will be performed automatically through the ATLAS system which will also provide its accredited Test Centers. As specified by the promoters of the initiative, the module is aimed at children belonging to that age group in which the phenomenon is more widespread (therefore in particular adolescents and preadolescents) not necessarily only in the school context.

The skills that will enable you to pass the test will concern the ability to recognize cases of cyberbullying by learning to prevent them even when hidden, knowing the peculiarities and risks of the phenomenon on social networks, knowing where to turn when cyberbullying occurs and knowing regulatory aspects of the problem.

The initiative stems from the need to propose a unified training model to which all interested persons may refer, including teachers. To date, strategies to combat cyberbullying would be based on inconsistent content that varies from reality to reality, which would result in less timeliness and effectiveness of interventions.

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