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Cybersecurity: CEO under attack

According to a recent report by Yarix, division dedicated to the Cybersecurity of the Var Group, the cyber attacks against companies would be focusing more and more to the detriment of CEO and higher level management. This trend would confirm that malicious actions in the enterprise sector are becoming increasingly targeted.

This is a phenomenon known as CEO Phishing which aims to steal information from those who have the most sensitive information about a company. It would be associated with activities such as tracking trips through smartphone breaches, spying on consumer habits and recording social media behavior.

In the period between April and June 2019 the companies of the Peninsula affected by attacks would have been 3,700, that is 17% more than the previous quarter of the same year. As for the events generically attributable to safety, these would have recorded an increase of 27.5% exceeding abundantly 15 thousand shares.

The sector most affected by the phenomenon would seem to be currently that one Manufacturing that would have suffered 29% more attacks than in the quarter between January and March 2019, while proccupa at the same time the great growth (equal to about 80 percentage points) of the malevolent actions against the sector transport.

To date, even and especially for managers, the best strategies with which to limit risks would seem to be those dictated by common sense: avoid sharing confidential information on social networks, using the geolocation features sparingly and managing correspondence very carefully received by email.

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