Cybersecurity represents 10% of IT investments in Italy

Cybersecurity represents 10% of IT investments in Italy

Accenture presented the data contained in the report "The State of Cyber ​​Resilience 2019" during the Cybertech Europe 2019 conference. According to the results of the study, to date Italian companies would spend 10% of their IT investments in Cybersecurity, on the other hand there would be a general dissatisfaction with the results obtained.

With regards to the identified criticalities, they would concern in particular two aspects: long response times following an IT attack and the lack of total coverage for the protection of company assets. It should however be emphasized that our local situation would seem to be judged to be better than the global average.

With regard to response times, 40% of companies in the Peninsula would require more than 15 days to solve problems resulting from a cyber attack, while the global figure would be around 60%. Still in Italy, the coverage of assets for their safety would not exceed 59% on average.

The best results with regard to the effectiveness of cybersecurity would be obtained by the large companies of the planet, above all in terms of response times, which in 96% of cases would be less than 15 days compared to 36% of less structured companies. In the case of the Belpaese, the local Big Companies recorded even higher percentages.

Currently, 93% of large Italian businesses testify to a low violation index against 86% of the world's leading companies, the same goes for the damage containment index which would reach 87% in Italy against a global average no more than 70 points.

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