Cybersecurity: under-represented and underpaid women

Cybersecurity: under-represented and underpaid women

451 Research recently conducted a survey on behalf of the Russian security house Kaspersky from which it emerges that in the field of Cybersecurity only 23% of the Chief Information Security Officer it would be a woman. This would happen despite several studies showing the advantages deriving from the female presence in safety management in the company.

Still according to the data made available by the research, invest in the reduction of the gender gap would lead to an increase in profits of 19%. As in other markets characterized by gender under-representation, this problem would seem to be motivated more by cultural resistance than by a more pragmatic calculation of efficiency.

On the one hand, companies would tend to consider the professionalism linked to cybersecurity as jobs more suited to men, an unmotivated conviction in terms of intellectual tasks, and on the other the number of women dealing with studies specifically dedicated to information technology in general, and to computer security in particular, it would still be too low.

To date, only 37% of the companies involved in the survey have already created strategies dedicated to increasing the presence of women in their organization chart. Paradoxically, it would seem that in technology startups, young companies where the innovative component is fundamental, women are even fewer in number than long-standing companies.

In any case, the recent panorama would show an improvement also as regards the overcoming of the gender gap: 20% of the women who managed to achieve managerial roles would have done so during the last 2 years, at the same time the percentage of able men to reach the same goal in the last two years would have been 10 points.

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