Digital transformation: the problem is cultural

Digital transformation: the problem is cultural

From a recent survey by NetConsulting, a greater willingness of Italian companies to invest in technologies for the Cloud, the analysis and processing of data and Big Data, cybersecurity and the improvement of the user experience in the commercial sector would emerge. At the same time the figure of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) would be becoming increasingly central in the definition of entrepreneurial strategies.

The research, conducted for Capgemini Italy, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Samsung, ServiceNow and Tim, involved more than 70 ICT managers in our country who would have highlighted some encouraging phenomena, such as higher spending on solutions for the exploitation of data between which algorithms for Machine Learning and Data Lake generation.

In this specific case, investments in Advanced analytics they would be cited by almost 67% of the sample, they would follow those in IT infrastructure is Cloud computing, with more than 54% of the answers, and finally those for the computer security and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) reported by almost 49% of respondents.

Even in Italy, albeit with some delay compared to other realities, a digital transformation process would therefore be in place motivated in particular by the benefits in customer relations (cited in 82% of cases), in the innovation of business processes , in the rationalization of the production chain and in relations with employees.

But there would still be some cultural resistance with regard to the Digital transformation, a rigidity that would translate above all into greater difficulties in changes at the management level (49% of responses), in corporate priorities not favorable to innovation (32%) and in a lack of infrastructure and digital skills.

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