Disney: that's why we didn't buy Twitter

Disney: that's why we didn't buy Twitter

US entrepreneur Robert Allen "Bob" Iger, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, recently published a work entitled "The Ride of a Lifetime" in which he describes his first 15 years at the helm of one of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

In the book Iger offers various explanations regarding the choices made as a manager, including that of not acquiring Twitter. The social network founded by Jack Dorsey would in fact have presented several critical points that could damage the image of the Disney brand, not least a "filth out of the ordinary" ("the nastiness is extraordinary") that would have been very difficult to manage.

Iger clearly refers to the activity of different users of the Twitter Site, too often the protagonists of violent and disturbing messages, hate speech and fake news. All contents not exactly in line with the reassuring image that Disney has managed to create over the decades and on which it has built its business.

According to the top manager, the amount of tweets contrary to the corporate ethics of his group would have been well beyond the normal levels of tolerance, in all likelihood the acquisition of Twitter would have been too great a responsibility and the needs connected to Sharing moderation would have revealed the limits of an apparently convenient investment.

The negotiations for the transfer of ownership date back to 2017, when other companies including Salesforce and Google had been indicated as potentially interested in Twitter. Since then the social network has worked intensively to improve the general level of the contributions published by the community, but perhaps the occasion of a multi-billion dollar exit is definitely blurred.

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