Does Google discriminate against candidates based on age?

Does Google discriminate against candidates based on age?

The Mountain View lawyers would have submitted a proposal addressed to theUS District Court for the Northern District of California that, if accepted, should allow the company to put an end to a diatribe that sees it accused of discriminating against some candidates for issues related to their age, considered too advanced for the job position offered.

The out-of-court agreement should provide for compensation equal to well 11 million dollars, people "discriminated" by Google or they would be 227 and would have given rise to a Class Action that should bring about $ 35,000 into the pockets of each of the plaintiffs. It would all start from a case involving a 60-year-old.

Robert Heath, this is the man's name, would have had a job interview over the phone with a Big G. engineer. Having been called a great candidate he would not have been able to get the job he wanted because he would have referred to the fact that "in its time" the range of a byte was variable between 6 and 40 bits.

Health's phone call would date back to 2015, while another case that caused a sensation would be dated 2016. Then the curriculum vitae of the over-fifty Londoner Cheryl Fillekes would have undergone several checks in order to establish precisely her age and the impact of the latter on the updating of its technical training.

Unlike the other plaintiffs, Fillekes should receive $ 10,000 more for the fact that she had carried out the cause that involved her. The 11 million offered by Mountain View to avoid further clashes in court would also include a sum of 2.75 million dollars to cover legal expenses.

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