E-commerce and data: for Italians, companies are not transparent

E-commerce and data: for Italians, companies are not transparent

The third edition of the report "State of the Connected Customer"of Salesforce would highlight a certain concern of most Italian consumers towards the platforms of e-commerce and their policies for the management of personal data, in their opinion, it is not uncommon for companies to prove to be less transparent in matters concerning respect for privacy.

More than half of the respondents (51%) would be of this opinion, while in 62% of the users the users would have decided to abandon a brand due to unclear behaviors regarding personal data. The reliability of a brand it would therefore become an increasingly important factor in determining purchasing decisions.

For their part consumers would be proving increasingly selective, their demands would not only concern the quality and convenience of the products, but also the level of engagement that a brand manages to develop. This aspect, together with the opportunity to live connected experiences, would be decisive for 70% of the analyzed sample.

The opportunity to communicate with companies in real time was also much appreciated, a factor considered particularly important by 74% of users. The attention to the sustainability of the proposed business model (75%) and the ability to convey its business ethics should not be underestimated, with 71% of Italians judging this aspect today more relevant than in the past.

The consumers of the Peninsula would then be interested in discovering the commitment of the brands with regards to the themes concerning solidarity and gender equality. Finally, among the other factors able to boost sales there would be the use of technologies based onArtificial intelligence (quoted by 81% of the sample) and participation in initiatives for innovation and digital transformation.

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