E-commerce: notifications and tracking increase the turnover

E-commerce: notifications and tracking increase the turnover

A recent survey carried out by the researchers of Qaplà would bring out the potential of post-shipment activities for the platforms of e-commerce. To generate the best results in terms of turnover would be mainly notifications sent to end customers (or transactional emails) and banners containing call-to-action in pages for tracking.

Transactional e-mails and products tracking tools are increasingly used to provide details regarding the status of a shipment, possible changes to routes and delivery times and any other information that may help the user understand where are the expected goods to be found and what operations are subjected to.

To propose a simple example in this regard it would suffice to mention the fact that the conversion rate produced by the tracking pages would have increased from 1.83% in the first 3 months of the current year to 1.91% in the second quarter. Transactional notifications, on the other hand, would have seen their performance decrease (from 3.44% to 3.01%) still high.

To make these tools particularly effective for sales would be in particular the great opportunities for customization that they offer, producing "tailor-made" communications for each customer, allowing them to offer them new buying opportunities with an undoubted benefit also with regard to retention.

At the same time, data on the trend of electronic commerce in our country would also be clearly improving, as regards only the shipments, an increase of 17.49% on an annual basis would have been recorded and an increase equal to 19.48 points during the last quarter analyzed .

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