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eGovernment: Italy late

The Digital Transformation Team recently launched the project Digital Republic aimed at spreading a culture ofeGovernment, the goal is in practice to combat digital illiteracy which represents an obstacle in the relations between citizens and the Public Administration, often affecting both.

But what is the status of eGovernment in the Peninsula? This is revealed by the report eGovernment Benchmark 2019 of the European Commission which, without surprising us much, underlines a condition of substantial delay compared to the average of the member states of the European Union. Once again the problem would be primarily cultural.

Among the data that best describe the current Italian situation, it is important to analyze especially the one related to the penetration rate of eGovernment tools, 28% against an average of 57% calculated on 28 countries. An almost incomprehensible result considering that the Italian digitalisation of the sector would be only 1 point lower than the European average (67% against 68).

However, the "quasi" is sufficient to describe a reality in which the solutions are not lacking and would be lacking instead the will to adopt them in a widespread manner. In fact, in Italy there would be a noticeable lack of computer skills (both basic and advanced) and a tendency to avoid, whenever the possibility arises, to relate to the Public Administration through digital platforms.

The inertia, if not even the "resistance" of the Italians to eGovernment would also be due to theaverage age of our fellow citizens, currently very high. The only way for digital transformation would seem to be that of a forced passage (assisted but forced) that also obliges the citizens of the Belpaese to use digital tools.

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