ElectionGuard, Microsoft's electoral bug hunting

ElectionGuard, Microsoft's electoral bug hunting

ElectionGuard is the name of a bug hunting platform that the House of Redmond has launched in view of the upcoming US presidential elections to be held in November 2020. The goal is to identify bugs and vulnerabilities that could be present in so-called "voting machine ", terminals that will be available for electronic voting.

To do this Microsoft has created a program that plans to pay cash prizes to those who will make a substantial contribution to improving the safety of these devices. Developers with the necessary skills and cyber security specialists can receive up to $ 15,000 for each issue detected.

This initiative is implemented within the framework of the Defending Democracy Program, a project that starts from the belief that new technologies can guarantee the security of democratic processes. However, the starting hypothesis is not shared by all and only by eliminating the greatest possible number of flaws can its actual effectiveness be demonstrated.

As with i Bug Bounty Program of other large companies, and in this regard it would be enough to cite Google, even the Microsoft project has allowed several security experts to monetize thanks to their skills, in the period between June 30, 2011 and July 1, 2018, the group led by Satya Nadella would have distributed more than 4.4 million dollars.

However, the one related to ElectionGuard is not the only program dedicated to Redmond's Bug hunters, currently there are similar initiatives in place to identify any problems for the operating system Windows 10 (which already has over 1 billion installations) and infrastructure Azure for the provision of Cloud based services.

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