Elon Musk bets on neural interfaces

Elon Musk bets on neural interfaces

Through thick and thin Elon Musk, creator of extremely innovative companies such as Tesla Motors and SpaceX and co-founder of PayPal, has accustomed us to ambitious companies, despite this even his latest project has not failed to amaze. Let's talk about Neuralink, an initiative dedicated to the implementation of neuronal interfaces for the connections between computers and the human brain.

The Neuralink startup has already been invested 150 million dollars, 2/3 of which would come directly from Musk's bank account. However, this would not be a project just born, in fact the experiments would have been going on for quite some time and the secret would have been revealed only now after obtaining the first results.

Technically Neuralink is based on thegrafting of some sensors into the brain tissue, to do this small holes are made in the skull. Once operational, these sensors would be able to read the information present in the brain and to communicate it to a plate placed behind the ear that has the task of transmitting it to a small external computer positioned between the lobe and the neck.

The goal is to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from brain dysfunctions that can interfere with mobility, the formulation of reasoning and memorization, to the point of enhancing the brain activity of those who do not present disorders. In the future, other scenarios could open up, such as direct communication between man and machine.

According to the first declarations the grafting of the sensors currently available would require that the subject involved is subjected to total anesthesia, the researchers in force at Neuralink expect however that soon the same result can be obtained through local anesthesia. This is also thanks to the size of the sensors which over time should become more and more limited.

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