Elon Musk: work will become useless because of AI

Elon Musk: work will become useless because of AI

Elon Musk, founder of particularly ambitious projects such as Tesla Motors and SpaceX, is not new to sensationalist statements, often alarmist. Recently the American entrepreneur has succeeded in getting himself talked about again by formulating a forecast on what will be the effect of theArtificial intelligence on the world of work.

In his opinion, in fact the AI ​​will cancel the job, in essence there will no longer be a need to pay people to perform tasks based on their skills and abilities. Probably the last available job will be that of a developer for the AI, but sooner or later the latter should be able to program themselves independently.

But what to do while waiting for this revolution that will involve the whole human race? Musk would have advised preparing for professions that involve interaction with other people and teamwork, in this regard the suggestion would be to become an engineer because such professionals often work in very large collaborative contexts.

These statements would be made during a conference on AI held in Shanghai and in which he also participated Jack Ma. The founder of Alibaba would seem to be more optimistic than Musk about the possible consequences of over-developed Artificial Intelligences, but also in his opinion they can only disrupt the current working arrangements.

Again in the opinion of Ma, in the future it will come to work weeks no longer than 3 days and to a commitment of no more than 4 hours a day. However, the global school system would not be ready for this change, because it is still too focused on the dynamics of an industrial context that does not reward creativity.

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