.Eu domains even if you do not live in Europe

.Eu domains even if you do not live in Europe

13 years after their launch, the rules for registering domain names .eu they must come to terms with an extremely diversified market today. It therefore becomes necessary to mitigate the exclusivity that was originally introduced to emphasize the identity of this geographical extension with a strong political content.

From that April 7th 2006 (preceded by a Sunrise Period 12 months dedicated to registered brands) many things have changed: the market for domain name suffixes is now completely liberalized, the European Union is witnessing the lent (issim) but inexorable Brexit of London and the world faces globalization simultaneously and nationalisms.

Allowing the registration of .eu domains to residents of EU member states has become a real limit, which is why it was decided to extend this privilege to all European citizens living abroad. We speak well overall 12 million people emigrated especially in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The new policies are effective as of 19 October 2019, they also involve .eu domain names registered by the citizens of Great Britain. With regard to the latter, it was feared that once the Brexit was completed, thousands of owners would lose the right to renew their domain names for lack of the necessary requirements.

The initiative of theEURid, the non-profit organization nominated by the European Commission as a domain name registry that manages .eu extensions, also introduces two new formats for these suffixes that can also be registered in the Cyrillic and Greek alphabet, the first mode is already available, the second one will be from November 14, 2019.

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