EU: .EU domains even after Brexit

EU: .EU domains even after Brexit

If everything goes as planned by political analysts, by November 1st 2019 the United Kingdom should be permanently outside the European Union. This will consume the Brexit established by popular will following the referendum of June 23, 2016. But what will be the effects of this change for the market of .EU domain names?

According to what was decided by theEURid, the non-profit organization appointed by the European Commission to manage the .EU extension, the farewell to Brussels should not have any particular consequences. European citizens residing in Great Britain will be able to continue to register them or eventually renew them if they have acquired the ownership of it before Brexit.

This pronouncement may appear pleonastic: why should the removal of a right be motivated by the place where a European citizen decides to settle? It is necessary to consider that one of the requisites required for the registration of domain names with a .EU suffix is ​​the residence in one of the EU member states.

In the absence of a clear indication on the matter by the supervisory authority, the risk of a decay of all the records associated with the .EU held by citizens residing outside the 27 states that are part of the Union could have been revealed. , a quite disturbing prospect for all those who have used this extension to build their business and their online identity.

Like all unpublished conditions, Brexit (or "Brexit" according to the most severe exegetes) could prove to be traumatic for different sectors, especially given the importance of an economy like that of the United Kingdom. At least as regards .EU domain names, the passage should instead be completely painless.

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