EU: interim measures against Tech Companies?

EU: interim measures against Tech Companies?

Starting from November 1st Margrethe Vestager will become executive vice-president of the European Commission taking on two tasks: antitrust manager and head of digital policies, analysts therefore predict that over the next few months we will see several targeted initiatives against the anticompetitive conduct of Tech Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

The risk for the latter is that they can be applied interim measures on the model of those they should involve Broadcom following an initiative dating back to last June, substantially the EU could impose a temporary block of the services provided, destined to continue until the problem that caused it has been remedied or the investigation in this regard is concluded.

In the specific case of Broadcom, the US company would have been accused of applying exclusivity clauses contrary to the development of the free market in the Old Continent. In the course of the antitrust investigation the Commission decided to initiate provisional measures to which the company would respond with an appeal.

The last interim EU measure against a company dates back to about 20 years ago, so if Broadcom does not see its reasons recognized on appeal it is quite likely that they can be used against other companies. Mountain View could be the first company involved precisely due to the various open files regarding its work.

To support this suspicion there would be the dissatisfaction of the Commission with regard to the effectiveness that the sanctions imposed so far against Big G would have had. For their part, the US could respond by tightening the initiatives on commercial duties, decisions that could be taken anyway by Washington in view of a possible WebTax.

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