EU: Margrethe Vestager Commissioner for Digital

EU: Margrethe Vestager Commissioner for Digital

Margrethe Vestager will retain the position of Commissioner for Competition even in the team now led by Ursula Von der Leyen, maintaining what was his role when the commission was headed by Jean-Claude Juncker. To this task, however, another will be added, that of Commissioner for the Digital Agenda.

At the base of this double assignment (actually triple because Vestager will also be executive vice president) there is certainly the vision of Von der Leyen that there can be no innovation in Europe before the obstacles to free competition are removed, from this point of therefore, Danish policy is a guarantee.

It is no coincidence that Vestager has been dubbed "The Lady of Taxes" by the President of the United States Danald Trump, in fact his decision to fine Google for 4.3 billion dollars. This sanction was imposed during 2018 following a charge of a dominant position regarding the operating system Android.

The same commissioner also remembers the battle at the end of which Apple was forced to give back to Ireland as much as 13 billion dollars after the invalidation of a tax agreement between the company and Dublin, as well as the possible positions (even if not particularly firm) regarding the need to separate large companies such as Facebook.

The mandate of the Von der Leyen, during which the Vestager will be able to exercise a greater range of powers, will perhaps be remembered as the one during which a new law was introduced for the first time. Web Tax at European level. For some time the member states have been discussing the possibility of introducing a taxation dedicated to Big Companies operating in the EU area even though they are based in countries where they benefit from tax advantages.

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