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Facebook acquires CTRL-Labs

Facebook has acquired control of the New York startup CTRL-Labs, a company that despite being founded just 4 years ago has managed to get noticed by the Big Company thanks to its solutions for human-machine communication through thought. No details would be available regarding the cost of the operation, which should be between half a billion and a billion dollars.

CTRL-Labs has created a neural interface that has the advantage of not being invasive: no helmets to wear or sensors to implant under the skin, but a simple bracialetto able to interact with the software that deals with "translating the thought" into commands to be sent to electronic devices. A new approach in the field of neural networking that could simplify its commercial success.

The CTRL-Labs bracelet works exactly like a sensor, intercepting the information transmitted from neuronal activity to the spinal cord that has the task of activating the muscles with which to determine the movements dictated by the brain. The idea is therefore to exploit the same principle to send instructions to the devices in a wireless network managed through the bracialetto itself.

Commenting on the transfer of ownership, some analysts have not failed to observe how the CTRL-Labs project presents several points in common with another ambitious initiative. We speak of course of Neuralink, the startup founded by Elon Musk that develops the homonymous neural interface based on the grafting of sensors in the brain tissue.

The technicians working at CTRL-Labs will now join their efforts with colleagues from Reality Labs, the Menlo Park division that is also involved in implementing new technologies focused on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Among the projects currently under development there are, for example, AR glasses capable of interpreting messages from the brain.

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