Facebook closes the pages of Casapound and Forza Nuova

Facebook closes the pages of Casapound and Forza Nuova

Different accounts and pages Facebook is Instagram of extreme right political formations Casapound is New Force have been closed in the past few hours. The initiative of the platform would have been motivated by referring to the policies currently in force which explicitly prohibit the dissemination of messages of hatred or violence.

The decision of Menlo Park against these organizations did not fail to provoke controversy, both in fact had found in the social networks a means of communication that had allowed their growth. For the time being, Mark Zuckerberg's group would not have provided detailed explanations regarding the incident, so it is not known whether the removal took place upon notification by the authorities.

The brief details provided by the group suggest, however, that the decision was not taken on the basis of ideological considerations, it would have been motivated instead by the published contents among which Facebook would have identified elements of "organized hatred". In the past Casapound would have received a first warning precisely because of reports regarding policy violations.

Among the obscured accounts there are also those of Simone Di Stefano, one of the prominent representatives of Casapound with 140,000 members, of the founder Gianluca Iannone, of the sovereign newspaper "Primato Nazionale" and of the student organization "National bloc". It is likely that in the next few hours the admin of the social network will communicate further closures of resources related to the training involved.

To date, Facebook's policies take into account six different criteria for closing pages and banning accounts, identifying content related to: terrorism, organized hatred, mass murder or serial, human trafficking, organized violence or criminal activity and the privatization of the rules. All those who support the promoters of this type of message are also tested.

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