Facebook: goodbye to counting Like

Facebook: goodbye to counting Like

The managers of Menlo Park would plan to start a small revolution for the network's most populated social network: the "Like" by Facebook, or more precisely their counts, may soon disappear from the platform, following what should be a road already partly traced by another asset of the company: Instagram.

The tests in this regard would have already begun with the intent to understand how a change of the kind could have effect on the behavior of the community and on the progress of the advertising. The number of Like is considered an important metric for the users of the Site in Blue, while the managers of the latter have often emphasized that the factors to be taken into consideration to measure the consensus on a content should be others.

This new strategy could be motivated by the fact that Likes, mistakenly considered an index of popularity, would be a brake on the publication of content, including sponsored content. A user or a company would often avoid posting a contribution for fear of not receiving a sufficient number of positive reactions.

The lack of Like would not always correspond to a low level of engagement, yet the removal of contents that have not received a high number of Likes would be much more frequent than one might believe. To propose an example, it would suffice to think of a social media manager who, by reading the right metrics (for example the time spent on a post), understands that he has done a good job but received criticism from the client due to the few Likes.

The intention of Facebook should therefore be to encourage sharing while penalizing clickbait and attempts to maximize engagement, but for the moment there is talk of an initiative being tested and it is not said that in the near future the counting of the Like (our own "likes") is actually destined to disappear.

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