Facebook loses over 210 million phone numbers

Facebook loses over 210 million phone numbers

Security researchers of Facebook they would have confirmed the discovery on the Net of an archive containing more than 200 million telephone numbers associated with the same social network ID. The database would be distributed unencrypted, so not protected by encryption or password and basically accessible to anyone.

As for the content, Italian users of the platform should be able to sleep peacefully. 130 million telephone numbers would in fact belong to members resident in the United States, 50 million to visitors of Vietnamese nationality and 18 to residents in the United Kingdom. For few of them, information on the genre of the user would also be available.

As anticipated, Menlo Park would not have denied the incident and on the contrary it would have admitted to possess a register composed of 419 million telephone numbers of which half would have been stolen. Now it should be necessary to discover the cause of the leak and for this reason an internal investigation would have already been started.

The register could have been created more than a year ago, when Facebook allowed to perform searches based on telephone numbers. It is in fact an option that has been disabled since last year, but it remains to be understood why such a large database has only recently been identified and how long it has been on the Net before being discovered.

To date, there would be no news available regarding a possible commercial use of this data in the illegal market of personal information, it is possible that the archive was created for this reason and that it was used in some marketing campaign without Facebook even knew nothing.

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